Friday, 18 September 2009

PARK(ing) Day London Launched

New web site launched for ibuyeco Park(ing) day.

ibuyeco launches PARK(ing) day in London, UK.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

3rd Time Media Develop Website for Marketing & CRM Agency Customer Inside

Marketing & CRM agency provides support for SMEs

London September 2009 – Digital Marketing Agency 3rd Time Media has designed and developed the new website for Customer Inside. Customer Inside is a Marketing and CRM agency focused on delivering successful strategies for customer acquisition and lifetime retention for the SME sector.

3rd Time Media won the business after being strongly recommended for their imaginative designs and robustly-built websites and after an initial scoping meeting Customer Inside asked 3rd Time Media to proceed with their ideas.

While working on the initial ideas for the website, Customer Inside had a clear vision on the look and feel of the website. 3rd Time Media was immediately struck by the enthusiasm, energy and optimism from Customer Inside and focused the designs on delivering the infectious and positive personality.

Marcus Frost, Managing Director at Customer Inside said "Our journey with 3rd Time Media began when our tired old website was no longer adding value to the business. We needed a solution to better articulate the range of customer management services we offer and portray our dynamic approach."

"In just a few weeks their open and collaborative style delivered a website beyond our wildest expectations. They managed to translate a modest brief into a vibrant and high impact site that communicates professionalism and simplicity. The feedback survey, which they also hosted, confirms that our customers and website visitors enjoy the engaging, user-friendly experience."

Will Barlow, 3rd Time Media said: "Customer Inside was a great project to wok on for the whole team. The vision and ideas and open minded approach from Customer Inside allowed for a truly creative and user focused website to be created."

3rd Time Media offer a range of services including online creative, development, email design and campaign management and content management solutions.

About 3rd Time Media

3rd Time Media is a UK-based, industry-leading provider of digital marketing, including creative, design and email. 3rd Time Media specialises in implementing user focused design and technology, creating websites with usability as a central component. 3rd Time Media offers a range of online services including creative, email and marketing services. With 13 years experience of online marketing, 3rd Time Media is best placed to advise and guide clients through any online project and produce results that work and provide return on investment.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Setting up newsletter email for
Upgrading content management system for interior design and furniture web site (Fanstart Interiors).

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Very Warm Welcome

A Very Warm Welcome to all you digital marketing managers, online marketing managers, directors, ecommerce managers…did I miss anybody? I bow down to you. Really! Being a digital marketing student myself who is frantically trying to finish a digital marketing assignment deadline, before Christmas, is on a seriously steep learning curve and, hence, my curiosity about your responsibilities and positions, is getting the best of me. Writing digital marketing objectives and strategies for the first time has been more than daunting and slightly intimidating at the best of times but I am nearly complete. That is just a fraction of the assignment. There is more to come. So, my curiosity is to all you managers that are tasked with this daunting challenge of objectives, strategy and justifying your decisions to maximize you’re budgets accordingly. Does it get any easier with experience and time? I would like to think so. How do you tackle this huge task and what do you like or dislike most about doing it? So many digital media channels to choose from. It’s great isn’t it?
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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Designing for the Notebook

Just when you thought the transition from designing websites from 800×600 to a 1024×768 pixel resolution was over. The 1024×768 user as of December 2008 accounted for 40% of the market while 800×600 users accounted for just 5%. I had hoped there would be some prolonged rest bite before we had to consider another transition in screen resolution. The next obvious battle ground appeared to be the next sizes up such as the 1280×800 and 1280×1024 which account for around 30% of the market.

However in recent months, there has been a huge upsurge in the popularity of netbooks owing to its relatively low cost and mobility. The dilemma is that these netbooks bring to the mix a different set of screen resolutions to contend with. Most netbooks have a 1024×600 screen resolution and while this won’t affect the width of pages, the key space above the fold will be reduced. Websites currently optimised for resolutions 1024×768 and above all of a sudden may find that important marketing messages and call to actions appear much further down the screen than intended.

While netbook’s share of the computer market is relatively small in comparison, it is the fastest growing segment in our increasing desire for more portable web access. Designers will soon have to face issue of how to design for a wider spectrum of screen sizes that range from the small netbooks to the ever increasing popular large widescreen desktop monitors. Using multiple websites designed for netbooks and desktops is not ideal. A more realistic approach would be to design with these users in mind and have the key content contained in an area of the page that is highly visible to all resolutions.

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3TM Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing service offered by 3TM in order to effectively communicate commercial messages to a specific audience. Customers can use 3TM’s Emailing service for the following purposes:
  • Enhance customer relationship
  • Encourage customer loyalty for repeat business
  • Acquire new customers
  • Encourage further purchases by existing customers
  • Send general information and service updates to existing customers, partners or employees

The following is offered in order to provide effective direct marketing through Email:

  • 3TM can work with clients to produce an effective design, generate a message for successful marketing and define a solid target audience
  • 3TM help clients to set out realistic goals and use corporate information to assume an appropriate schedule for campaign execution
  • Recipient information can be segmented accordingly with user preferences and previous user responses. All data is secured and treated as strictly confidential.
  • The Email broadcast interface distributes information to a wide range of potential customers fast and at the scheduled time
  • Multiple campaigns complementing each other at relatively low cost
  • Emails are personalised for better meaning, boosting return on investment, which can in turn be tracked accurately using reliable click-through and conversion tracking mechanisms
  • Key messages in the Email are placed in prominent positions to promote them effectively
  • Layouts are designed using high end graphical design techniques to insure that a correct and clear message is pushed to the recipient without clutter
  • Emails are designed and coded to appear as pleasant to the recipient and trustworthy to spam detection engines. Messages comply with the CAN-SPAM act
  • Emails are coded to trigger further Emails or custom events such as updating customer profiles depending on where the recipients click
  • E-mails are tested against a variety of clients
  • A very friendly and helpful service is provided to all clients

Typical 3TM E-mail services pattern (Click on image to view enlarged):

Customers may choose to use all or some of the services shown above.

For more information please visit the Email Marketing page or visit 3rdtimemedia – Digital Marketing Agency Generating Direct Response